The Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) is contributing raw anatomical and functional MR data from 72 patients with Schizophrenia and 75 healthy controls (ages ranging from 18 to 65 in each group). All subjects were screened and excluded if they had; history of neurological disorder, history of mental retardation, history of severe head trauma with more than 5 minutes loss of consciousness, history of substance abuse or dependence within the last 12 months. Diagnostic information was collected using the Structured Clinical Interview used for DSM Disorders (SCID).

A multi-echo MPRAGE (MEMPR) sequence was used with the following parameters: TR/TE/TI = 2530/[1.64, 3.5, 5.36, 7.22, 9.08]/900 ms, flip angle = 7°, FOV = 256x256 mm, Slab thickness = 176 mm, Matrix = 256x256x176, Voxel size =1x1x1 mm, Number of echos = 5, Pixel bandwidth =650 Hz, Total scan time = 6 min. With 5 echoes, the TR, TI and time to encode partitions for the MEMPR are similar to that of a conventional MPRAGE, resulting in similar GM/WM/CSF contrast.

Rest data was collected with single-shot full k-space echo-planar imaging (EPI) with ramp sampling correction using the intercomissural line (AC-PC) as a reference (TR: 2 s, TE: 29 ms, matrix size: 64x64, 32 slices, voxel size: 3x3x4 mm3).

Slice Acquisition Order:
Rest scan - collected in the Axial plane - series ascending - multi slice mode - interleaved
MPRAGE - collected in the Sag plane - series interleaved - multi slice mode - single shot

The following data are released for every participant:


Cheryl Aine, PhD; Vincent Calhoun, PhD; Jose Canive, MD; Faith Hanlon, PhD; Rex Jung, PhD; Kent Kiehl, PhD; Andrew Mayer, PhD; Nora Perrone-Bizzozero, PhD; Julia Stephen, PhD; and Claudia Tesche, PhD

The imaging data and phenotypic information was collected and shared by the Mind Research Network and the University of New Mexico funded by a National Institute of Health Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) grant 1P20RR021938-01A2

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Data Release Table
COBRE_scan_data.tgz COBRE_parameters_rest.csv COBRE_parameters_mprage.csv COBRE_phenotypic_data.csv

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